Scuba Diving in Sabang, Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera offers around 40 world class scuba diving sites within a few minutes boat ride of Papa Fred’s Beach Resort. The sites are between 4 meters to 40 meters depth and the water temperatures range between 26 – 29°C. The tide exchange is from a few centimeters up to 2 meters.

The currents in the area are often brisk and unpredictable, creating conditions which may at times prove challenging for novice divers, although shallow, no-current or very slight current dives are always available for beginners. The visibility ranges from 15-25 meters on average and on good days even up to 35 meters.

Big fish like White tip Sharks, Barracudas, Tunas, even Eagle Rays and Turtles can be seen on dive sites like the popular Canyons, Shark Caves, Boulders, especially on a drift dive during big tide exchanges.

On the house reef wreck, you can expect to see many fish life like batfish, angelfish, surgeonfish, wrasses, butterfly fish and other reef dwellers. Exotic fish like Spanish Dancer, harlequin ghost-pipefish, various frogfish, fire gobies and blue-ribbon eels are also often seen here.

For an underwater videographer/photographers’ paradise  with all the varied species of soft corals, gorgonians, crinoids, colorful sponges and turnicates and shrimps.

For almost 50 years Puerto Galera has attracted experts studying the ecostructure of micro-organsims, marine life, animals and plants.

The University of the Philippines Marine Biological Station was set up in 1934 and in 1974, the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program International declared the area a research center and the reefs a marine reserve. The great ecological complexity and the abundant species have earned Puerto Galera a reputation as the best dive area in the Philippines.

Incredible Tropical Reef Scuba Diving!

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Papa Fred’s Beach Resort Dive Packages

Daily diving and scuba diving courses from beginners to instructors, provided by our good friends at Octopus Divers

Diving only

*VAT not included.

Single dive –  1,200 Php
Dive package with 10 dives – 11,500 Php
Dive package with 20 dives – 22,000 Php
Dive package with 30 dives – 31,500 Php

– all dives incl. guide, boat, tank and weight.

Accomodation and Dive Packages

Examples with 2 dives per day, excl. arrival and departure

All boat dives a guide, tank and weight are included.

Maximum 3 boat dives per day.

*All prices are for the high season. Peak season/low season are different.

Superior room

  • 7 nights accommodation plus 10 dives – 22,665 Php
  • 12 nights accommodation plus 20 dives – 41,140 Php
  • 17 nights accommodation plus 30 dives – 58,615 Php

Deluxe room

  • 7 nights accommodation plus 10 dives -26,865 Php
  • 12 nights accommodation plus 20 dives – 48,340 Php
  • 17 nights accommodation plus 30 dives – 68,815 Php

VIP Beach room

  • 7 nights accommodation plus 10 dives 29,665 Php
  • 12 nights accommodation plus 20 dives 53,140 Php
  • 17 nights accommodation plus 30 dives 75,617 Php

VIP Sea View room

  • 7 nights accommodation plus 10 dives 39,465 Php
  • 12 nights accommodation plus 20 dives 69,340 Php
  • 17 nights accommodation plus 30 dives 99,415 Php


Liveaboard Catamaran Diving Trips

Experience the Philippines by sea with our good friends at Primetime

Join us as we head for dream destinations and explore hidden jewels in Asia on our Lagoon 620 yacht.

Our tours are curated to offer you an unforgetable holiday experience by combining diving and exploration. Together with us, you will experience a unique adventure with personalised service in maximum comfort.

There is always something for everyone on our tours. Non-divers are offered snorkeling opportunities and land excursions to discover local cultures, along with island explorations. With 5 luxurious cabins, numerous cozy areas, personalised chef service and private dive instructors, we provide bespoke yachting experiences second to none.

Mention the name “Mike Geissler” when booking and get a 10% discount!

Visit the Primetime website to find out about their exciting SULU SEA PROJECT 2020 WWF-PHILIPPINES

“Primetime is actively supporting WWF-Philippines and projects, assisting with activities such as MPA monitoring, livelihood support, and the survey of sharks, fish, corals, and seabirds. We sail with WWF-Philippines, and we would like to invite our guests to do so as well.

Our guests have the option to team up with WWF-Philippines’ researchers and immerse themselves in the daily work of marine conservationists. Guests can also engage in alternative sustainable activities through our diving and shore programs, customized to cater to a maximum of eight (8) guests and two (2) diving instructors.”

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